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Crystal Lust

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June 22, 1994
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Miami, Florida
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29 years old
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Crystal Lust
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Crystal Lust (born 22 June 1994) is a dream of many and many guys. She achieved a lot of success in the fields of modeling, filming, and her private account. Her videos have almost half a billion views and are hosted on thousands of different platforms.

During her career, the girl has been nominated more than once for her work, and the number of her fans is growing exponentially every day. And her private channel is no exception. It gathered an incredible amount of likes — 1.12M.

But who was this hot girl before her fame in real life? How did she manage to win such huge attention in just 4 years of Crystal Lust OnlyFans on the social media platform? And what is she doing today?

You will find answers to all these and other questions in our article. There is no podcast or interview with her, so discover her bio, facts, great selfie photos, lover, net worth, and more below. Find out what kind of content you can see on the model’s private page.

Crystal Lust's biography

Who is Crystal Lust in real life? Before becoming famous all over the world as the “queen of pleasure,” the future model spent the first years of her childhood in Huntington Beach, California. There, the celeb attended school and made big plans for the future. Becoming a woman who can afford a luxurious lifestyle became the model’s goal and sunk into her soul, thereby, the celeb decided to step into the adult industry.

Being young and having an unbelievable body, the future star became a webcam model in April 2019 and started a journey to achieve her dreams. Two months later, the Instagram star decided to try the video format and released her first feature film.

Easy views and unexpected fan support gave her the impetus to release more regular videos that would soon take over the net. However, Crystal Lust shared that she decided to take a sudden break in November 2019. Most likely, it was due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Only two months later, this significant actress decided to return to the platforms.

Her reappearance was accompanied by a big boom and numerous new views on many sites. Crystal is offered to work with prominent film productions, and she entered the film industry with renewed vigor. As a result, it brought her social media accounts to the top ones.

In 2022, this beauty celebrated the three-year anniversary of her triumphant appearance in the film industry, for which several sites awarded her with a special badge in honor of this. Also, she has been nominated several times for various awards, and in 2020, she even managed to win the “Favorite Newcomer” award.

Crystal Lust's profile

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She ended school in Huntington Beach, California

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157 cm (5’2”)
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58 kg (128 lbs)
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14 (US)

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Crystal Lust OnlyFans career

The incredible Crystal Lust OnlyFans private profile almost instantly surprised site users by creating content of extraordinary quality in 2020. A gorgeous, swarthy beauty with magnificent forms became a dangerous competitor to fellow fashion actresses who torture themselves with diets, measure their waist every day, and stubbornly drive fat from their hips.

For Crystal’s audience, her hyper sizes, on the contrary, arouses increased interest in the actress. Admiration and a desire to see something new, even more daring, emanates from each of her posts. And her constant leaked videos and pictures are clear confirmation of this.

Soon, such a way of posting gained unprecedented popularity, causing an incredible number of people to subscribe to her profile. As a result, it brought her account to the top one. Today, at the age of 28, she does not stop working on her private profile and comes up with new ways to please her audience, and still earns big money.

Frequent collaborations with her fans to diversify the content and sponsors lots, as well as fresh ideas like the collection of high-quality videos “freekshow” make it clear — this social media influencer is not going to stop there.

How much does Crystal Lust make on OnlyFans?

The star shared that followers are not concerned about a subscription price within Crystal Lust OF, which is $30. The star is very popular among users on her private profile since her account is included in the top 0.01% of profiles on the website. They know what they will get.

Frequent promotions, live conversations with the model, and exclusive material helped her build a fan base of 1 million viewers. The platform gave her the most of her net worth, which consists of an amazing $5 million. Her fortune is clearly confirmed by her hard work on various sites.

Today, you can also find more than 500 videos with her participation, which are especially popular due to the actress’s high-quality acting and incredible body. Each of her videos is full of top-quality shots that are highly appreciated on many resources. She is one of those celebrities who post videos from well-known studios that pay good fees for quality acting.

The model also thinks about new ideas to please her audience and improve her profits. For example, she may become a TikToker or YouTuber in the near future. Therefore, you can be sure that in the future, her fortune will only grow.

Crystal Lust OnlyFans activity

Today, you can find more than 2078 posts on the Crystal Lust OnlyFans account that catch your eye at first sight. And her 1909 media inspire and excite, making it easy to attract future new subscriptions.

Lust is one of the models who is not afraid to create new options for her subscribers. The celeb amazes with her flexibility and is ready to adapt to almost every desire of her subscribers for an additional fee.

She also posts every day, which is a huge plus for the subscription price. Usually, there are one or two of them, which are full of the precious beauty of the famous influencer.

Is Crystal Lust OnlyFans worth it?

Crystal Lust Only Fans account is a choice number one for users who are in search of a model that breaks the rules about casual beauty. The blogger has many offers on the page to make her subscribers satisfied in every possible way.

Plus, this celebrity has discounts that reach up to -90% of the full price for one month. It’s time for you to check out her page, maybe today is your lucky day.

Crystal Lust's photos

Crystal Lust facts

  • One of the most famous influencers is quite generous, among her interests is to make discounts of up to 90% for subscribing to Crystal Lust OnlyFans account.
  • The actress herself indicates that she is ‘Open to everything new’. That means she is not in an official relationship and doesn’t have a boyfriend for a moment.
  • Crystal Lust revealed that she had to reshape her lips and buttocks to a larger size due to her friends. Most likely, Lust had a lipofilling.
  • The actress has a rather frank private account as well as her candid social networks. For this reason, her Twitter account was banned.
  • The girl is very popular not only as an actress but also as a social media influencer. Crystal Lust’s Instagram account has over 500 thousand subscribers.

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