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Genesis Lopez

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July 15, 1993
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Florida, US
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30 years old
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Genesis Lopez
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Genesis Lopez (born July 15, 1993) is a popular fitness model and internet star from the USA. She gained her first popularity on social networks and continues to be a top online model. Her followers are optimistic about her work and constantly leave nice comments under her photos and videos.

The girl is not a fitness model online for nothing. She achieved the results that please her subscribers today. Her physicality makes her create mind-blowing content that her fans love so much. Hard work and belief in herself helped her to get stunning shape and recognition from her fans.

Genesis Lopez OnlyFans page received 430.1 thousand fan reactions due to her virality. The model ranked higher than 0.01% of all creators. Not every online model achieves such results.

We have gathered the most intriguing facts about the star’s life, her biography, and her sources of income. You will find out how the model earns her living, what her net profit is, and much more. Get to know a girl better and discover a world of pleasure.

Genesis Lopez’s biography

Let’s dive deeper into the question, “Who is Genesis Lopez?” She is a fitness model from Miami, Florida. The girl gained popularity after she posted a video of her workouts on the net. Online users started subscribing to it and offering money for explicit content.

She received her secondary education in a private school in Miami. The girl did not give up her studies and eventually received a higher education at Florida State University. Despite her specialty, she dreamed of a modeling career. And she was supported by her friends and family in this aspiration.

Genesis Lopez started going to the gym four times weekly to create a dream body and show it on the runway. In 2016, she showed her Instagram photos and videos of her workouts for the first time. Fans started subscribing to her social networks.

She appeared in the men’s magazine Maxim, in several commercials, and participated in U.S. shows. The model also showed up in several podcasts and cooperated with famous brands. Most of all, she shows the right lifestyle and recipes for proper nutrition. She became a businesswoman and founded the company Haute Athletics.

Today, the model has hundreds of thousands of subscribers and fans interested in her lifestyle. In a recent interview, she admitted that she is happy to benefit the public through explicit content and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Genesis Lopez's profile

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Graduate from Florida State University

Height, weight & physical appearance

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5’6” (167.6 cm)
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62 kg (136 lbs)
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Genesis Lopez OnlyFans career

The famous social media influencer has increased her notoriety in Genesis Lopez OnlyFans and received 430.1 thousand excellent fan reactions. The blogger is pleased with her earnings from the platform.

Since the page’s launch, the star has enjoyed sharing explicit material on the internet. She got money by posting restricted media files on her social media accounts.

Through fan donations, supporters can access exclusive media, connect with her, and request bespoke items. Buffs are pleased and satisfied with what she has created, which entertains them.

The page gained her a lot of money and popularity, strengthening her fan following. She can’t believe it helped her earn more fans and become the most sought-after celebrity today.

How much does Genesis Lopez make on OnlyFans?

Genesis Lopez OF page has brought so many benefits for her. According to estimates, she made approximately $50,000 monthly via live broadcasting, fan subscription fees, and donations.

The fitness model was recognized not only in social networks but also in the business world. Her company, Haute Athletics, has brought the girl additional fame and a million-dollar capital. In addition to the company, she profits from the subscription fees for her channel, diet blogs, and prescribed diet regimes.

Additionally, she gets 2,000 monthly for her Facebook and Instagram videos. She also gets additional money from collaborations with well-known brands. The model advertises underwear and sportswear for which she receives a percentage of the cooperation.

Summarize the totals. If you add all the amounts of her earnings together, the model’s net profit for 2013 is 1,000,000 dollars. Thanks to these sums, she is vacationing at expensive resorts with her lover and lives the life of a celebrity.

Genesis Lopez OnlyFans activity

The Genesis Lopez OnlyFans page is making news all over the internet. It provided so much delight to her fans that it helped her gain social media relevance.

She claimed she enjoys creating and sharing stuff on her page, resulting in 764 posts and 673 media files (including 506 images, 167 videos, and a stream). Her page had 430.1 thousand reactions from fans.

Her supporters express delight and contentment with what she has developed. They have let go of their worries and are pleased because their wildest dreams are coming true.

Is Genesis Lopez OnlyFans worth it?

According to our survey findings, Genesis Lopez Only Fans has acquired traction and recognition online, with followers happy with what she shares. According to Buffs, the page is worthwhile and beneficial to them. It has a fair monthly subscription rate of $15.

The uniqueness of her channel is that she is always open to communication. Every subscriber can write to her and ask for customized content, not on her page. She also tries to give discounts to her fans, and now they can get a 25% discount for a year.

If you are interested in the activities and format of this online model, you should subscribe to her channel. To start, you can subscribe for a month to see if this format suits you. With the frank content of the girl, you will discover the pleasures and pleasures.

Genesis Lopez’s photos

Genesis Lopez facts

  • Genesis Lopez OnlyFans received 430.1 thousand positive reactions from fans, placing it in the top 0.01% of all creators.
  • She founded Haute Athletics, of which she is the CEO.
  • Joe Taranto is her boyfriend.
  • The social media influencer has 823.7 thousand followers on Twitter.
  • The fitness-focused videos that the YouTuber uploads to her channel are almost always of the working-out variety.
  • Lopez enjoys traveling to exotic locations and trying novel dishes.
  • The model admits to having breast implants. Her breast size was 325cc before surgery and increased to 605cc after surgery.
  • In addition to that, she has had lip surgery.

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