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Genie Exum

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December 11, 1998
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New York, USA
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25 years old
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Genie Exum
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Genie Exum (born December 11, 1998) is a popular model and blogger from the USA. The first popularity caught up with her in social networks, where she showed her photos in lingerie and revealing outfits. The first time, she thought that it would not lead to anything, but with time the number of her followers began to increase.

In a recent interview she said that she doesn’t know who she would be now and where she would work if it wasn’t for her experience as an online model. Her fans are happy with the content they are getting from their online idol.

Her Genie Exum OnlyFans page helped the girl to discover her modeling talents and earn a great fortune. She works hard to create obscene photos and videos, realizing that her fame and reputation depend on it. Often she takes ideas from her fans, and sometimes, she generates them herself, inspired by beautiful things and traveling.

But still the question about her identity remains open. Her fans are interested in her life and how she creates her racy material. In this article, we have collected the most intriguing facts from her life. You will also find out her income, biography and plans for the future.

Genie Exum’s biography

Let’s find out in detail “Who is Genie Exum”? Genie is an American social media model who has captivated fans of all ages. She was born in New York, USA, to Thomas and Angel. Her parents are enthusiastic about her career choice. Her father is an entrepreneur, and her mother works in a BBQ restaurant. She grew up with her two brothers, Ethan and Bradley. Bradley works as a sales agent for a company while Ethan is in the Navy.

Smiths Station High School was where the celebrity finished high school. After graduating high school, she worked as a server at Buffalo Wild Wings in Alabama. To help her parents, she went into modeling instead of finishing her studies.

In October 2021, Genie Exum was arrested on suspicion of inflicting grievous bodily harm with a knife on her boyfriend. The criminal court later released her without bail. But this period of time helped her understand a lot, partly thanks to the other prisoners in her cell.

Despite the criticism, the model continues to develop her activities, shoots fascinating photos, edits videos and boldly goes towards her dream. She has benefited from the support of her family, so she does her best to help her family financially.

The model showed off her modeling skills and imaginativeness on a private account. Here, she shares exclusive content with her subscribers and looks for new ideas. As the youngest model with the largest bankroll in the industry, she has a wide array of entertainment opportunities as well as financial resources.

Genie Exum's profile

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Completed Smiths Station High School

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5’5” (165 cm)
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110 lbs (50 kg)
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Genie Exum OnlyFans career

The Genie Exum OnlyFans website is her outlet for being a skilled model. She does the opposite of what she posts on her social media handles. The celeb is highly happy and confident that she can deliver what her subscribers want while engaging with them.

Her colleague helped her to sign up on the platform and taught her some tips on how to run the page. After the page’s inception, it garnered her large subscribers and gradually provided her with a portion of her monthly income.

Now, the model continues to work on the Internet. She pays a lot of attention to creating spicy content and searching for new ideas for videos. She does not want to be like other models, so she carefully plans her work.

The site continues to bring her a decent income, fame, and popularity, as well as a number of fans. Today, she is the most sought-after star, with 874.2k fan feedback and 0.01% of all creators. And she’s not going to stop there.

How much does Genie Exum make on OnlyFans?

Thanks to Genie Exum OF page girl gets excellent dividends and a platform for her erotic creativity. She is able to cover her monthly needs and the expenses of her family. According to insider reports, the page brings her $100,000 every month.

She also makes the most of her social media platforms and earns from sponsored posts and advertisements. By 2023, her net worth has reached $4,000,000,000. Impressive, isn’t it?

The girl is not ashamed of her past. She confidently says that all the events in her life have shaped her as a person who has realized her mistakes. Therefore, she gives herself to her work completely and is ready to give pleasant impressions to her fans.

Today the celebrity lives a luxurious life and thanks fate for all the events that led her to her business. She buys cars, real estate, invests in stocks and pleases herself with branded accessories.

Genie Exum OnlyFans activity

The Genie Exum OnlyFans had a lot of explicit content, which made headlines online. The influencer is also active online, publishing 2359 posts and 3845 media files, including 3.1 thousand photos, 715 videos, and 64 streams. It received 874.2 thousand positive responses.

Her page is the talk of the town and has received a significant number of positive likes. The star is motivated and inspired to create high-quality exclusive content that is only available on her page. And her fans appreciate her for all her efforts and desire to bring joy.

Every time she publishes new content, her fans are ecstatic. For them, her materials transform their fantasies into reality and greatly please them. And her page is like an island of pleasure that helps you forget reality for a little while.

Is Genie Exum OnlyFans worth it?

According to fans, the Genie Exum Only Fans private channel is worth its money. Because each subscriber gets their own benefits from the model, they can request and view exclusive and maximum candid photos of the star, communicate with her via messenger, and request content that has yet to be seen.

But her fans mainly love her for her openness and communication skills. She constantly communicates with her fans, pays attention to them, and listens to their wishes. Streamersha also pays a lot of attention to creating quality content that would satisfy her fans.

To be sure personally of the uniqueness of her media materials – subscribe and discover the world of explicit content.

Genie Exum’s photos

Genie Exum facts

  • The Genie Exum OnlyFans is 0.01% of all creators and has received 874.2 thousand fan reactions.
  • The influencer enjoys traveling and socializing with friends.
  • She grew up with her two brothers, Bradley and Ethan.
  • In Alabama, the star worked as a server at Buffalo Wild Wings.
  • In 2012, she was arrested for stabbing Francis Amor, known as “Baby Boy Pajules,” with a kitchen knife. She was later released without bail.
  • Thomas and Angel are her parents’ names.
  • She has 648 thousand followers on Instagram.

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