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November 7, 1996
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Alberta, Canada
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27 years old
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Jakipz (born 7 November 1996) is a Canadian male model, fitness enthusiast, and media personality best known for his stunning photos and videos posted online. He has 495 thousand YouTube subscribers, 2 million Twitter readers, 249 thousand Instagram followers, 91 thousand Facebook supporters, 30.9 thousand Twitch viewers, and 7.1 thousand TikTok fans.

The YouTuber is particularly proud of his private activity. This bodybuilder constantly displays his fantastic body and modeling skills, which leaves his admirers speechless on the site. He likes to reveal his muscular body and attract followers to subscribe to his page.

Most of his followers want to know more about him because of his voluptuous personality on Jakipz OnlyFans page. His Twitch and YouTube live videos can’t reveal his dark secrets. So we created this post to show you facts about his personality and tell you how he makes money.

Find out more about his private page, how much money he makes on OnlyFans, and whether his page is worthwhile. Learn about his net worth, facts, biography, and other information.

Jakipz’s biography

Who is Jakipz? The star was born to middle-class parents in Alberta, Canada. At 24, this male model became a young millionaire who purchased a home in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The blogger quit his 16-hour-a-day job as a carpenter and plumber to work on his private channel.

The story of his success begins with his sudden idea to create a YouTube channel. The guy has always been passionate about sports, and finally, he decided to turn his hobby into real income. The celeb began gradually releasing videos where he talked about the most important tips on how to achieve a well-shaped figure.

Jakipz stated during his YouTube live that he plans to purchase a second home and relocate to a larger house where he can record content. In the meantime, his first home will be a rental. He also revealed that he is not straight and does not identify as LGBTQ+. The star claims to have fluid feelings that develop over time.

The TikToker has 50% of his body covered in tattoos. He claims that they have no meaning and that he just likes tattooed images on his body. He doesn’t even worry that this might scare away his future love. But for now, it is known that he is not dating anyone and remains devoted to his online career. On his YouTube stream, he proudly announced his private account, where the star earns millions after just a year on the site.

Today, Jake invests his money in real estate, business, stocks, and other financial products. The famous influencer admitted that most of his subscribers requested images of his feet. So, he maintains it with regular foot spa and pedicure treatments. The influencer is currently one of the sought-after celebrities on the rise.

Jakipz’s profile

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Graduated from a reputable University in Canada

Height, weight & physical appearance

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5’9” (175 cm)
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72 kg (158 lbs)
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Dark Brown
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Jakipz OnlyFans career

While Jake was still a plumber, he repeatedly received compliments for his incredibly muscular body. Therefore, the creation of the Jakipz OnlyFans page was a matter of time. Once the blogger gained fame on YouTube, he finally announced the creation of his private channel.

At first, the posts and videos on his channel were of a rather light, intimate nature. But this was enough for his subscribers to create a buzz around his handsome, charismatic persona and help him earn the first million on the website.

But the longer Jake worked on the platform, the more explicit his materials became. Subscribers always encouraged him to take more candid photos, and today, such requests are common for the star.

As a result, this private account generated a massive following on his social media platforms, causing a flurry of headlines online. The influencer has an enormous fan base on the private channel and more than 1.21 million positive reactions.

How much does Jakipz make on OnlyFans?

Jakipz OF brought this guy billions of dollars since he decided to join the platform. According to our source, the star earns around $100,000 per month from a $12.99 subscription monthly charge and fan donations.

Aside from his page, he makes an estimated $10,000 monthly from his popular YouTube account. He tries to regularly release his videos, each of which receives more than 50 thousand views.

Also, this handsome guy’s unreal biceps cause a sensation among his online audience on socials. Therefore, it is not surprising that his DMs are flooded with proposals for cooperation with healthy food products.

Even the most expensive sportswear companies can’t resist offering him a deal. This helps him get successful sponsored posts, the price of which usually ranges from $5,000 to $7,000.

Jakipz OnlyFans activity

The Jakipz OnlyFans premium profile contains lots of high-quality materials. It has 838 posts and 856 media items, which include 450 photos and 406 videos. The star received 1.21 million positive responses from subscribers since many of them were satisfied and happy with the explicit spicy content he created.

The famous social media influencer is always willing to interact with his fans and share his nudity content. He is ready to provide tailored materials to please and delight all of their desires.

His fans are ecstatic when he shares the most recent media, leaving them speechless. They are craving for more and enjoy interacting with the influencer.

Is Jakipz OnlyFans worth it?

The Jakipz Only Fans nudity content suits both men and women. The fantasies of his followers come to life when they receive explicit materials from the model.

Fans claimed that the $12.99 monthly subscription fee is a reasonable price for the subscription. They enjoy viewing exclusive premium content and requesting customized materials.

With a small amount of the subscription fee and fan donations, you can access exclusive content and interact with him to get to know the star better.

Jakipz’s photos

Jakipz facts

  • The Jakipz OnlyFans are causing a stir in the online world with 1.21 million positive reactions from fans.
  • Before creating a private profile, he worked as a carpenter and a plumber.
  • He accumulated 2 million Twitter followers.
  • The blogger wants to visit the Eastern Islands because he enjoys nature and wants to see unique scenery.
  • The influencer intends to relocate from his location since he purchased a large home to shoot and record content.
  • He didn’t reveal anything about his family or personal life.

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