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October 14 , 1974
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San Antonio, Texas, in the United States
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49 years old
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Jessica Drake
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Jessica Drake (born 14 October 1974) is an American actress and model who has appeared in numerous erotic films over the last 16 years. The model has won over 23 awards, including the “Erotic Line Award” and many others. She is well-known online, mainly through her Instagram page, where she posts obscene photos that garner her a large following.

Jessica is also recognized for accusing Donald Trump of venereal misconduct in 2016. It sparked debate among her fans, and she became known due to the incident. However, none of her followers know her better. As a result, we created this piece to reveal the mystery behind stardom and her dimmest secrets.

Due to the salacious media it contained, the Jessica Drake OnlyFans website has driven fans crazy. Her page received thousands of likes and was ranked 0.01% of all creators. She is currently the most sought-after celebrity.

Discover the influencer activity and why it is favored online. Learn how she makes money on the page and what types of content she typically publishes. Learn about her net worth, profile, biography, and other details.

Jessica Drake’s biography

Famous influencer and model was born in San Antonio, Texas, in the United States. Her brother and father support her career choice, but her mother refuses to accept it. In 2002, she married actor Evan Stone, but they divorced. She was also in a relationship with Brad Armstrong, which ended in 2021. Let’s dive deeper into the question “Who is Jessica Drake?” as an actress and model.

Influencer didn’t finish her education at the University of El Paso but pursued a career as an adult star. Her career started in the erotica industry, and she began appearing in men’s magazines by 1999. In 2003, she signed with Wicked Pictures, won the AVN Award for “Best Tease Performance” in 2001, and appeared in several TV shows and films. In total, she has won more than 23 awards for her work in movies.

Jessica Drake said that she was invited to meet Trump once in a hotel, but she took two friends because she was nervous before the meeting. She claims that Trump behaved inappropriately towards the girls, so they left the hotel without explanation. But this is where the story continued, as he repeatedly called Jessica and offered $10,000 for her to fly with him to Los Angeles. She refused the offer and sued him.

Many people accused her of lying due to the incident, but she denied the accusations. She stated that she did not seek additional fame but stood in solidarity with other women who shared similar experiences. Despite widespread criticism, the blogger continues to stand for providing support for less fortunate people. She helps them with clean water and housing in Kenya, Tanzania, and Cambodia.

The YouTuber is making a splash in the internet by spreading its fame on social media. She’s focusing on OnlyFans, where she creates sensual content for subscribers and makes a lot of money. That opens up many opportunities for the model and increases her financial resources. Although Jessica doesn’t have a Twitch account, she’s participated in a few podcasts, which helped get her attention as well.

Jessica Drake's profile

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Undergraduate from University of Texas at El Paso

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5’8” (172.7 cm)
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52 kg (115 lbs)
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Dark Brown
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6 (US)

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Jessica Drake OnlyFans career

Jessica Drake OnlyFans makes the influencer more visible online, resulting in her gaining a significant fan reaction. She concentrates on the site and enjoys creating obscene media files while earning money.

Its initial launch was typical because she didn’t expect her admirers to follow on the platform. Within a few months, she had many subscribers and gradually increased her revenue.

The star is pleased with what she received from the page. She can show off her voluptuous personality while improving her creativity and modeling abilities. For her, it is a new accomplishment and a milestone unlocked.

Not only does the platform provide her with revenue and relevance, but it also increases her following, which expands her empire. The page further supplied her with numerous opportunities that boosted her wealth.

How much does Jessica Drake make on OnlyFans?

Films by Jessica wow their fans and boost her bottom line. However, in OnlyFans, she makes more money from her account, named “jessicadrake”. According to our source, she makes an estimated $120,000 monthly from $9.99 monthly subscription fees and fan donations.

Before OF career, she lived well from her film, television, and show appearances. She also makes money from brand collaborations and podcasts.

2023, her net worth will be $4,000,000 when her assets and social media earnings are added together. The streamer lives her dreams and has such a large bankroll that even years of not working will suffice.

According to reports, she owns a mansion in Los Angeles and luxury cars that she uses for modeling gigs and work-related matters.

Jessica Drake OnlyFans activity

Since the TikToker enjoys the Jessica Drake OnlyFans, she creates and posts media that her subscribers enjoy. It included 2497 posts and 2485 media files, including 2.5 thousand photos that drew 181.1 thousand fan reactions. Although she never has streams, she guarantees to engage with her fans actively.

The influencer is overjoyed with the thousands of positive feedback she has received from her fans. That has encouraged her to create likable content and unleashed her creativity.

She assures that she will create quality candid videos that will satisfy her fans. Through channel subscriptions and fan donations, supporters can access exclusive content, message the model, and request customized media material.

Is Jessica Drake OnlyFans worth it?

The Jessica Drake Only Fans are making headlines and enthralling fans all over the internet. Fans claimed that the page is worth the $9.99 monthly subscription fee.

They are pleased and content with what the celebrity has provided for them. The streamer is also actively engaging with them and quickly delivers customized content.

If you want to help the influencer, go to her page and try a monthly subscription to see if it’s worth it.

Jessica Drake’s photos

Jessica Drake facts

  • Jessica Drake OnlyFans ranked 0.01% of all creators with 181.1 thousand fan reactions.
  • She won the AVN Award for Best Actress in Video – Fluff and Fold in 2005.
  • In 2016, she accused Donald Trump of venereal misconduct.
  • The actress appeared in over 280 films.
  • In 1999, she began acting in the erotic film industry.
  • In 2012, Drake formed a 501(c)(3) non-profit to assist in domestic efforts.
  • The well-known influencer-backed organizations assist the less fortunate by providing clean water and housing in Kenya, Cambodia, and Tanzania.
  • She has received over 23 awards for her film work, including the XRCO Award for “Single Performance, Actress” for “Fallen” in 2009.

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