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May 22, 1994
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Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico
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29 years old
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Lizbeth Rodriguez
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Lizbeth Rodriguez (born 22 May 1994) is a Mexican award-winning content creator, actress, and social media influencer with millions of YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok followers. This famous influencer was formerly a member of the Badabun Company and is now active on social media platforms.

The Lizbeth Rodriguez OnlyFans page is the talk of the town, where the celebrity posted explicit videos and photos. Other fans are intrigued because of her new personality, which differs from who she is in real life. Her page helps her to become more popular, increasing her fan base today. Unfortunately, this star has no Twitch and podcast account, but she dreamed of having one someday.

However, no matter how famous a celebrity is, there is always a struggle behind every success. The star has a successful career, but only some know where the celebrity began in the entertainment world or how this star’s life has progressed since Badabun.

Learn why the Lizbeth Rodriguez Only Fans page brings the star a lot of money. Continue reading to learn about the blogger’s interests, biography, trivia, and more.

Lizbeth Rodriguez's biography

Lizbeth Rodriguez was born in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. The TikToker didn’t reveal much information about her family. For example, she has a young brother. This celebrity also had a hard childhood because she was a victim of domestic violence in her own family.

She was abused by her father when she was 5. It happened again when she was 8. As a result, the actress chose to pursue theater without the support and knowledge of her family at 16. She left home, moved in with a best friend, and began working on her career.

Lizbeth Rodriguez leaked that she worked as a waitress in a pub at a young age to have money for a living. While studying theater, this YouTuber met one of the Badabun company’s employees, who invited her to join as a technical assistant. Badabun executives decided to take her into the Exponiendo Infieles program in May 2018.

That was the start of her career in the Badabun company, where her first appearance drew more viewers, and the show quickly became one of the most-watched channels. In August 2019, she introduced the news to the public. The TikToker admitted that she gave birth to a son named Erosl.

In Badabun, the star was in a relationship with co-presenter Tavo Betancourt, but she is single for now. This beautiful actress is bisexual, and she recently promoted a dating app and vocally supported LGBTQ Latinos. Her fanbase has grown today, and she has many brand collaborations and modeling projects.

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Completed a degree in acting

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167.5 cm (5’6’’)
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64 kg (141 lbs)
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Dark Brown
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Eye Color
Dark Brown
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5 (US)

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Lizbeth Rodriguez OnlyFans career

The influencer created the Lizbeth Rodriguez OnlyFans page to share her best personality, which differs from being a Badabun company presenter. The famous influencer’s presence on the website boosts her confidence, bringing her big money, more followers, and an opportunity to interact with fans.

Her platform is in Spanish, with a caption that says ”Exclusive and Flirty content behind the scenes”, which entices fans to subscribe. Her identity on the page differs from what she shows on other platforms.

The page has given her financial independence due to a $30 subscription fee; fans can quickly view explicit content and message her via donations. It provides her profits from fan tips and subscription fees, contributing to some of her financial resources.

The page has 157.6K positive reactions, leading us to believe that the star has more than tens of thousands of followers on her platform. It makes her page the most viewed and visited page on the platform, with a 0.01% rate.

How much does Lizbeth Rodriguez make on OnlyFans?

Lizbeth Rodriguez leaked that a portion of her income comes from her page. She charges a $30 monthly subscription fee and accepts fan donations. The model also admitted that her social media accounts, such as YouTube, help to supplement her income.

The blogger’s popularity has increased due to her TV appearances, YouTube channel, and page. It makes her more appealing to brands as the income from job contracts and brand collaborations of the star rises.

Her social media accounts, including Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, contributed $500,000 to her monthly revenue. It keeps the star active on her social media platforms, generating revenue and substantially increasing her fanbase.

According to our source, she earns between $152,200 and $2.4 million monthly from her YouTube earnings, TV appearances, brand collaborations, and page. Today, this YouTuber has a net worth of around $5 million, making her a millionaire. She can now afford her dream car, properties, and trips abroad.

Lizbeth Rodriguez OnlyFans activity

Lizbeth Rodriguez OnlyFans has 329 posts, 455 media, and five streams on the platform, including 316 photos and 138 videos. It demonstrates that the star is actively available on her page and ready to engage with her fans.

With hundreds of thousands of positive reactions on her page, the star is encouraged to create more likable videos and photos for her fans. She keeps her page active so fans can get to know her better and explore exclusive videos and pictures unavailable elsewhere.

There is also criticism that hides behind this page. People knew her as a wholesome Badabun presenter who transformed into a seductive and provocative image. However, the star ignored the negative comments about her and continued to engage with and share exclusive content with her fans.

Is Lizbeth Rodriguez OnlyFans worth it?

The Lizbeth Rodriguez Only Fans is worth subscribing to because the star’s personality here differs from that shown on her YouTube channels or her Instagram or TikTok videos. For only $30 monthly, you can access her exclusive content on the page. You can also message the star directly by sending donations.

Furthermore, the influencer provides different options that can help the fans to save on the subscription. She offers even 60% off for six-month subscriptions, which might benefit fans to save more.

If you enjoy explicit content, you can browse the page and subscribe for a month to see if it’s worth it. You can also help her create more content by donating or paying a subscription fee.

Lizbeth Rodriguez's photos

Lizbeth Rodriguez facts

  • Lizbeth Rodriguez OnlyFans has 157.6K positive reactions, which piques other followers’ interest.
  • The star hosts the Badabun TV show ‘Exponiendo Infieles.’
  • She has 10.1 million TikTok followers adoring her for her comedic lip-sync videos.
  • The star is a single mother with a son named Eros. In August 2019, she introduced her son to the public.
  • She experienced domestic violence in her family, which caused her to flee when she was 16.
  • She mentioned only a brother and her son in terms of her biological family.
  • On 28 May 2018, she launched her self-titled YouTube channel.
  • The actress admitted that her father abused her between the ages of 5 and 8. It was revealed in a video confession on her channel.

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