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November 20, 1994
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Lancaster, California, USA
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29 years old
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Salice Rose
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Salice Rose or Lindsay Nicole Salice Rose (born 1994 November 20) is a Peruvian-American model and social media influencer better recognized for her comedy and lifestyle videos and photos. This YouTuber has a sizable fan base on social media channels, including Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram.

Because of her renown, this optimistic star launched the Salice Rose OnlyFans website to gratify her followers and show off her distinct side. The videos and pictures she placed on the page helped to identify the star from a new angle online.

Though the model is well-known, and her videos are widely shared on the Internet, only some know what Salice has gone through to achieve her current fame. She was chastised for her gender identity and how she dealt with it.

Discover why the Salice Rose Only Fans site is so popular and considered to be one of the main topics on the net. Read more about the blogger, her interests, net worth, and other details.

Salice Rose's biography

Salice Rose was born to a nice Peruvian family in Lancaster, California, USA. After failing her academic studies, she completed her military school at Sunburst Youth Academy. The famous social media influencer is bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish.

Unlike other celebrities, who keep their families, Salice is open about her life, including her family and gender identity. She has two brothers and a sister named Ashley. The celebrity is bisexual and in a relationship with her fellow YouTuber, Brilynn Ford.

Salice Rose leaked that her passion is working; even when she’s with her family, she is filming a video, and when the camera is off, she is still doing her job. The model has been hitting the social media platforms with her online videos.

According to our source, she rose to fame through her social media channel. It was when her video about playing the dual roles of a Hispanic mother and a Californian kid went viral. In 2013, she launched her Instagram account, which quickly grew to 18.8 million followers, letting her attract business brands to collaborate with her.

Now, she has millions of followers on Facebook (2.7M), TikTok (19.5M), and YouTube (2.06M). Aside from being in the spotlight, she suffered from depression. She worked her hardest to overcome it and is grateful for the support of her family and girlfriend during difficult times.

Salice Rose's profile

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Sunburst Youth Academy in California

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165 cm (5’5’’)
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52 kg (114 lbs)
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Dark Brown
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6 (US)

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Salice Rose OnlyFans career

After becoming famous on Instagram, she tried other platforms and finally made the Salice Rose OnlyFans page. The celebrity started posting unique videos and pictures to give her fans a better glimpse of her.

Most fans initially asked why the celebrity created the page and for what purpose. The superstar made it clear that she wanted to share more of her distinctive nature with the fans, which isn’t available elsewhere.

It resulted in an abrupt rise in her fanbase, gaining her a lot of attention and allowing her to earn more money from her social media accounts. Since then, her private channel has grown in popularity, making it one of the most visited pages on the platform.

With half a million positive responses to her posts, it is clear that more and more fans are interested in obtaining her exclusive videos. Such support shifts the star’s focus to creating exclusive videos, which gained her a net worth of approximately $1.5M.

How much does Salice Rose make on OnlyFans?

On her YouTube channel, Salice Rose leaked that the OlyFans page provides her with a lot of money and profit. She also admitted that fans questioned why she was launching this account. But the star clarified that she wanted to flaunt herself like never before, and there’s nothing wrong with it.

Unlike other personal pages, the star’s page currently offers free signup. Still, she expressly states on her page that her exclusive content is only available via DMs (Direct Messages), for which she charges a fair price.

We learned that one of her posts mentioned a price fee that she is earning from an exclusive video. She will send you posts via DMs for 5-7 days for $35. It makes us believe she is making a massive profit because she is paid per post rather than through a monthly subscription.

With millions of followers clamoring for her explicit videos, this could be a lucrative business for her. She earns several hundred thousand dollars per month.

Salice Rose OnlyFans activity

The Salice Rose OnlyFans has 234 posts and 220 media, including 205 photos and 15 videos. Her account has 571.2K positive reactions. Her fans can sign up for free, but the model asks for donations if you want to view her exclusive videos via direct messages.

The YouTuber page is trending because the star made a huge following that adores this girl. Good advertising made her page desirable for many users in the short term. A free subscription makes the star more accessible, but the model will be able to interact with fans more once they have obtained some of her nudity videos.

Moreover, the famous influencer earns money through this platform and won’t leave it in the near future. She also has modeling jobs and brand collaborations that clearly show that she has a high skill in posting media.

Is Salice Rose OnlyFans worth it?

The Salice Rose Only Fans account is free, so a subscription is worthwhile, especially if you like the celebrity’s nudity videos. Her page is beneficial even with a price of $35 because all the videos that the star could send are the most recent.

You can send her donations to support the model and help her create more exclusive videos and photos. That will also help to prioritize your message and get to know this celebrity well, which makes it worthwhile.

Explore her page to learn more and decide if it’s for you. Just take your chance and browse the page for as long as you like since there is no subscription fee.

Salice Rose's photos

Salice Rose facts

  • The Salice Rose OnlyFans has 571.2K positive reactions from fans and is growing in popularity.
  • The celebrity is a devout Christian. She has religious tattoos on her arms and is proud of them.
  • The celebrity suffers from depression and struggles with mental health.
  • The famous influencer is bisexual and is dating YouTuber Brilynn Ford.
  • She is bilingual and speaks English and Spanish fluently.
  • Her academic performance was so poor that her parents decided to enroll her in a homeschool. He later finished her diploma at military school.
  • The star is a business owner who sells hoodies, beanies, and other merchandise.
  • She was invited to the ‘Billboard Latin Music Awards’ in 2018 and featured on the cover of ‘Elléments Magazine’ in 2020.

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