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Marie Temara

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November 19, 1994
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New York City, USA
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29 years old
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Marie Temara
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Marie Temara (born November 19, 1994) is one of those celebrities whose height is an important factor in their career success. She is part of the tallest TikTok family and earns millions through her creativity.

Basically, this TikToker posts entertaining video content that shows her real life problems and helps other people not be embarrassed about their bodies. But Marie Temara OnlyFans account reveals another side of this incredible model.

This beauty is gaining fame more and more, and famous brands want to collaborate with her. But how did she manage to achieve such success? And what was the reason to start her activity on social media platforms?

You will learn about all of this below. Hidden facts in the girl’s biography, incredible earnings from the Marie Temara Only Fans page, love for short kings, and much more.

Marie Temara's biography

Marie Temara was born in New York City, USA, on an autumn Saturday. Her mother, Christine Temara, was a former professional basketball player in University basketball in 1981. That is why she was the tallest girl in her surroundings from her childhood. That caused a lot of cases of bullying and calling her names in her school.

However, the young girl ignored them. The model made every effort to become one day happy and successful. Her first job was as an accountant in one of the companies before becoming a seven-figure earner on the Internet. After a few years at work, she began to think about the possible earnings through social networks.

Marie Temara leaked in the interview that the model started off posting TikTok videos and vlogs about being tall after the first video immediately went viral. At first, she focused on various images since one of her main interests was cosplaying. However, she realized that her main feature lies in her growth, as many of her viewers admitted in the comment section under her first post with decent views.

Therefore, she developed a new strategy for creating content with her best friend and invited her tall family, who are her reliable friends and support. This helped her to fix all the hype on her person and give up her usual work. She focused on her career in the social media industry and did not fail.

Marie has become one of the top content creators and a model that millions desire. To this day, she helps girls from all over the world to remain confident in their beauty. She also proves that despite the ridicule of other people, you can achieve a lot by showing her luxurious lifestyle and her family in real life.

Marie Temara's profile

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Educated from SUNY Morrisville College

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187 cm (6′ 2″)
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65 kg (143 lbs)
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Dark Brown
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12 (US)

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Marie Temara OnlyFans career

After the celeb started gaining huge popularity, she just began translating it into her private page. Marie Temara OnlyFans page let her monetize her work in no time and made the blogger and her family a millionaire.

It was so awkward for the celebrity to register on the platform, but all of her fans from TikTok practically started to beg her to create content on the special resource. However, after only the first month, Marie was able to earn more than six figures income, which was very surprising for a girl.

Marie admits that it was a risky decision to start a career on the website since the price that the girl asked for a subscription to her account was $17. However, she managed to gain the trust of followers and become rich thanks to her content.

This prompted other family members, such as her mother and brother named Shane, to also do paid content. Today, the social media influencer continues to be at her peak thanks to the newfangled fetish for gigantism.

How much does Marie Temara make on OnlyFans?

Marie Temara leaked in the podcast that she earns more than £250,000 per month from her astonishing selfie pictures of her body. That is more than $300,000 – the average income in a year of many models from this website.

One of the most famous influencers is especially active in promoting her PPV content – a special thing you have to pay extra to see. However, moving to Florida turned out to be the most important because it does not have a state income tax, which helps this beauty to earn big money.

But apart from that, this famous influencer also puts a lot of effort into promoting her social media accounts, like her Twitter profile, YouTube channel, and Instagram account. The number of viewers and the engagement of her audience literally amaze the advertisers and sponsors lots who are signing new deals with Marie.

That brought her today to a new peak. She makes an additional $8,000 per month, leading her to buy Aston Martin for $245,000 and a new house in Florida. Her net worth is believed to be $2,000,000.

Marie Temara OnlyFans activity

At first, this social media personality didn’t see much potential in her page. But over time, Marie Temara OnlyFans began to fill up with personal requests for good money, and the girl decided to act.

Today, you can find more than 930 posts and 906 media on her page, which are full of various sexual images. In addition, her profile has about 100 videos available by subscription. Temara has received nearly 1 million positive ratings for her hard work.

But TikToker is most focused on PPV content. The depiction of a strong, dominant female, like she-hulk, Wonder Woman, or even humility, is only a small part of the truth about her content on the private page shared by this YouTuber.

Is Marie Temara OnlyFans worth it?

If you are like many fans of gigantism, then the Marie Temara Only Fans profile is exactly for you. Exquisitely explicit cosplays and captivating PPV content will absolutely resonate in your heart.

You can also find Marie’s exclusive adult materials from different categories. And, of course, subscribers get a private message and online chat from a beautiful fashion model in no time.

Marie Temara's photos

Marie Temara facts

  • On the network, you can find not only Marie Temara OnlyFans account but also the private pages of her mother and brother, Shane.
  • Marie is the oldest among her siblings in her family, but the star is considered the shortest with her height.
  • Today, the blogger is not dating cause it is too tough to find a boyfriend with her height. While the model is into the short kings, males are too uncomfortable to start a relationship with her.
  • TikToker has proven her strength again and again. Since she is a sports lover, the model can lift the sofa over her head, and the Instagram star is also very flexible.
  • Marie Temara’s family is considered the tallest on the social media platform TikTok.

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