Cece Rose

Cece Rose

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May 30, 1999
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Toronto, Canada
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24 years old
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Cece Rose
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Cece Rose (born 30 May 1999) is a fashion model, social media influencer, and Instagram personality. This long-legged dark-haired beauty has enchanted thousands of her followers with her candid selfie photo shoots on social networks and is considered to be one of the worthy-to-follow celebrities.

But the biggest buzz around her persona is due to the private page. TikToker quickly lured the audience away from funny and lip-syncing videos to frank and provocative content that you want to comment on and share, thanks to her amazing curves and shapes.

Cece’s fame has helped her buy a luxury house, have a lavish lifestyle, be on more than one podcast, and hang out with all the reality TV stars, like Keke Palmer, Chris Brown, and others. But how did she achieve such success, and what did she go through in real life to achieve it as part of Cece Rose OnlyFans?

Read on, and you will discover incredible earnings on the private account and pictures that you can see there. Candid facts, amazing biography, hidden secrets, and more.

Cece Rose's biography

Who is Cece Rose? She was born in Toronto, Canada, and spent her childhood in the North York area of Wilson. As this beauty noted herself, she was a “drama nerd” in her school and spent a lot of time in acting classes.

The Instagram star first went to work at 15. The social media personality worked in a small ice cream shop on a food truck before the owners even had a store. After three years, she left Eva’s Original Chimneys and went from the first restaurant to another that was a catering company.

Cecilia got tired of the restaurant business and found herself in the social media industry, registering on platforms such as Twitter, TikTok, Twitch, and Instagram. Cece Rose shared in the interview that she began paying special attention to her social media accounts during the onset of COVID-19.

A huge buzz around the model arose when she created a private channel and began to actively promote it on various platforms. She started a trend on the social media platform TikTok with dancing that quickly gained numerous views and fame. After a while, her unimaginable beauty was hard to deny.

To this day, this celebrity focuses on provocative content, which wins huge attention to her person. After the clip with Drake, she wants to return to acting, try herself in new areas, and just see where she could end up. The streamer also plans to post vlogs for her YouTube channel and Instagram account.

Cece Rose's profile

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Rose graduated from the local school

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165 cm (5' 5'')
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58 kg (127 lbs)
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6 (US)

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Cece Rose OnlyFans career

When Covid-19 hit, Rose saw how people were easily going viral on TikTok. So, the model quickly took the opportunity and made a bet to become popular by creating content on TikTok and Cece Rose OnlyFans.

Between the span of 2020 and 2021, this blogger had 10 accounts demolished due to the advertisement of her private page. But they played a decisive role in promoting her account, which immediately helped her achieve big money in the first months of work.

Incredible looks and a great body became a kind of hallmark of her success story on the platform. Since then, the YouTuber has been doing her best for her audience to stay in the top 0.01% of the website’s top models.

The main highlight of the girl is bringing to the limit but stopping in time. Her mysteriousness attracts many users, and each time, TikToker opens up more and more, conquering new heights in her career.

How much does Cece Rose make on OnlyFans?

As the model informed, the majority of her income on Cece Rose OF comes from the messages of viewers. Therefore, the girl made the page completely free and left followers to pay only for prime stuff. Today she earns up to $100,000 per month.

Carefully thought out strategy and perseverance helped her to achieve not only big money but also to enter the top 0.01% of content creators on the website. That helps her to keep the bar of quality and gain popularity on the platform again and again.

In addition, the celeb has repeatedly dealt with sponsors lots and brand deals, which also replenished her fortune. The huge fanbase of this social media personality on Instagram and TikTok makes it easy for her to get great deals.

She has already been able to buy a fancy house and has a net worth of $1 million. But the YouTuber is not going to stop there and is expanding the range of her activities.

Cece Rose OnlyFans activity

Rose owes her mother half of her career on the platform cause her crazy genetics already won thousands of men’s hearts. Those positive reviews prompted the blogger to fully immerse herself in posting content for the Cece Rose OnlyFans page.

To date, there are 800 stunning posts and 2100 alluring media. Cece has been a cosplay lover since she was in high school, and you can see it by the way she carefully chooses outfits for her looks. And most importantly, TikToker devotes most of her time to video making.

She still sees the potential in her work and continues to persevere in creating more and more unique content for her loyal followers. Her best friend Obi and her family support her a lot in this activity.

Is Cece Rose OnlyFans worth it?

Cece Rose Only Fans profile is still one of the top accounts with over 86,000 positive ratings. However, her success doesn’t lie through too explicit content.

On the contrary, this social media personality creates a magical intrigue that easily attracts thousands of subscribers. Try her free account and find out if her type of content suits you personally.

Cece Rose's photos

Cece Rose facts

  • The famous influencer is not currently dating and is just focusing on herself and her career. But she had one boyfriend that you could probably see on Cece Rose OnlyFans page.
  • Rose had over 7 TikTok accounts that had been taken down.
  • One of the most famous influencers featured in Drake’s clip “Future – Wait For U.
  • Rose smokes and vapes sometimes, but she never really used to drink, only with her friends.
  • There is not much info about her family. But Cece said that she has Italian roots and a tight relationship with her dad, but he still doesn’t know about her activities.
  • Among her interests is tattoo art. She has a tattoo with a bunny and no piercings.

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