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February 1, 1995
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Michigan, United States
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28 years old
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Anthony Dawson (born 1 February 1995), better known as TooTurntTony has over 22 million followers on his social media accounts. This YouTuber became hugely popular for his ambiguous and striking selfie photos and videos that honorably deserved a place in the top searches of Google.

From the model’s private page to the Instagram account, he is loved for being natural both in real life and in videos on many platforms. A lean body and provocative image helped him quit his job as a production coordinator and get rich through merch, collaborations, and a private channel.

Today, he is a guest on more than one podcast and interview. Moreover, Tony’s videos feature in articles on media outlets such as USA Today and Business Insider. But what kind of person is behind the image of the star, and how did he achieve his success within TooTurntTony OnlyFans?

You will learn this and much more in our short article. Find out about the mode’s earnings, his total net worth, secrets, facts, relationship status, and his family. Read on and discover his true personality.

TooTurntTony's biography

Who is TooTurntTony? He was an ordinary boy who always wanted something more in life in his childhood years. After high school in Michigan, he began to train hard in the gym and achieved results that many could only dream of. In parallel, the YouTuber continued his studies in order to become an actor in the future.

Later, the social media personality decided to change his life. This YouTuber wanted to go to Florida his entire life, and one day, he had enough of Michigan. After moving, the famous influencer quickly found the agency and was recruited as a model. In those years, he began to develop his filming skills and creativity on the social media platform Vine.

However, the celeb got back home and lived with his parents until the age of 25, returning from parties at 4 am. The Instagram star was about to take the certificate to become a personal trainer, but suddenly, a best friend called him to work in New York. TooTurntTony said that he worked there as a production coordinator and lived with an 80-year-old Polish pastor, but not for long.

After 4 months of running screenings, one of the most famous influencers returned home due to quarantine and took a chance to pursue his dream – making comedy scatches. After the blogger posted a video with the duck, he suddenly broke into the tops and continued to shoot such videos, further involving his family.

13 Sep 2020, he created YouTube, although his first YouTube appearance was when Tony was 7 years old and downloaded vlogs with grandpa. Later, the celebrity quickly became popular and even began working with the WME talent agency. Today, TikToker continues to capture the attention of more and more audiences on his Twitter profile, YouTube channel, and other accounts.

TooTurntTony's profile

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He graduated with a degree in film and media studies from Western Michigan University.

Height, weight & physical appearance

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180 cm (5'11")
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85 kg (187 lbs)
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11 (US)

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TooTurntTony OnlyFans career

Like many other celebrities, Tony also decided to try out a special resource during the start of Covid 19. The fame on the TooTurntTony OnlyFans account quickly got a buzz due to the famous influencer’s physique.

From the first months of working on this website, the guy was already able to improve his lifestyle. Tony posted a video on 10 May that went viral on TikTok. In the video, a young man sits in a car with his duck and says that he received his first salary from OnlyFans.

Thus, he gave his sister 20 thousand dollars so that she could pay off student loans. This helped to attract a new audience to his private channel and increase his earnings with his new strategy.

To date, Tony is more popular than many beauty celebrities and female fashion models on this platform. He is completely and selflessly devoted to the cause and is not going to stop there.

How much does TooTurntTony make on OnlyFans?

The model shared that free subscriptions on his TooTurntTony OF account bring this charming guy a 6-figure mark every year. But how? The thing is that the star easily earns big money by selling posts, the price of which ranges from $13 to $150.

He also earns by selling beer bongs, rings, hoodies, sunglasses, t-shirts, caps, and several other items, ranging from $20 to $100. Each of the things Anthony sells in his own online store. Furthermore, he was paid to become the face of “Too Turnt Tea.”

Also, the social media influencer has already worked through his popular social media with some of the top brands and sponsors, like Steel Reserve, Celsius, and BlueChew. The celebrity advertises to many people and collaborates with well-known ones to become even more popular.

That is why the net worth of this superstar is around $2 million. The guy works hard to achieve his cherished goal – to help his mom, dad, and sister never go back to work. In a couple of years, he will definitely be able to achieve it.

TooTurntTony OnlyFans activity

TooTurntTony OnlyFans account has been posting and creating content worthy of special mention since its inception. Each of the 190 posts and 535 media is captivating because of the author’s idea of being daring and mesmerizing at the same time.

That is why you can find more than 50 thousand positive ratings on his private channel. That allowed this celeb to change the subscription system to a free one in 2021 and earn by selling individual exclusive posts.

Despite being busy with other interests, this young man manages to constantly upload material to his private page. Tony also added a unique VIP subscription that costs $200. Now his viewers get unlimited chat, exclusive pictures, custom requests, exclusive content, and ratings.

Is TooTurntTony OnlyFans worth it?

There’s a lot to be said about the exclusivity of the stuff on the TooTurntTony Only Fans page. Tony is the kind of content creator that always think about how close he could get to death without dying to get huge views. Therefore, there is no doubt – you will get decent content quality.

In addition, you can see what awaits you based on the description above the posts, receive free materials, and pay only when you see fit. Take a free tryout and check for yourself.

TooTurntTony's photos

TooTurntTony facts

  • Besides TooTurntTony OnlyFans, the guy also earns thanks to sales of his own merch.
  • There are decent rumors that Tony is the boyfriend of Ski Mask Girl. But there is no official confirmation that they are really dating.
  • The blogger is a duck lover cause he has an allergy to other kinds of pets.
  • As you can see in his, TikToker gets along well with his family. Among his close friends are his mom Dina, and grandmother.
  • Tony’s videos have become so popular that they can be found in not only one post on media outlets such as Univision, Business Insider, and USA Today.

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