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August 7, 1998
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Arizona, USA
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25 years old
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Veronica Perasso
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Veronica Perasso is a popular social media influencer who got her fame on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. She has more than 5 million followers on these social media platforms, and the number continues to grow every day.

The main cause is the model’s private account. You can find a large number of her leaked pictures that speak for themselves. Many men and even girls admire photos of this beauty model from her special account.

Loyal viewers of the model comment that they truly respect the work of this blogger and love her body appearance within Veronica Perasso OnlyFans. They are interested in hot and explicit content, and the model easily satisfies the wishes of the fans.

That is why many of her subscribers want to learn more about the star, and we are here to share the main information about her. Find out what secrets the girl’s biography hides and also what information she leaked to the network. Incredible facts, her rich boyfriend, fantastic earnings, and much more.

Veronica Perasso's biography

Who is Veronica Perasso? She was born in Scottsdale, Arizona, where she spent her childhood and ended up in school. The first job of this TikToker was in an office where she handled the organization’s taxes.

At the time, she accidentally took a selfie to post on the social media platform Instagram and saw the art in her content. She did not want to work like everyone else and, therefore, knew that she could start selling her name as a brand.

On a hot day in 2016 in Miami, she met her best friend and true love – Joseph Fazio, with whom she started the dating story in January 2017. Veronica Perasso shared that he taught her marketing strategies, which effectively influenced her activities.

Then, she gradually began to make her way into social networks. Her funny video posts and lipsync content began to become viral and gain phenomenal views. This allowed her to find an audience for a special resource, the private account that she started in 2019 during the pandemic before everyone knew about the platform.

Since then, she has been a frequent model for various fashion magazine covers of brands with huge popularity. She also created a YouTube channel on 21 September 2020 to get even more visibility and profit on the net from her vlogs.

Veronica Perasso's profile

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Perasso ended school in her hometown

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165 cm (5'5")
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45 kg (99 lbs)
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6 (US)

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Veronica Perasso OnlyFans career

Like many of the stars of this platform, Veronica also had difficulties with work during the pandemic. While her boyfriend was making huge money selling stocks, she decided to try to open the Veronica Perasso OnlyFans account.

Perasso leaked that her first videos were with sexy dancing while playing music. All this helped the girl earn about $20,000 per day, slowly but surely bringing her account to the top.

After the first earnings on the website, she decided to quit her job and make every effort to develop her new profile. Furthermore, Joy Fazio also abandoned the idea of making money on stocks and began to explore the platform with the model.

Now there are over 170 million users on Only Fans right now, over 1.5 million publishers creating content, and Veronica is considered to be in the top 50. She currently has about 17 million followers on her private account, and she doesn’t plan to stop there.

How much does Veronica Perasso make on OnlyFans?

One of the interesting the model shared info is that the model earns about $300 thousand per month on Veronica Perasso OF. Also, in one interview, the blogger shared info that she got 1.8 billion impressions in 2022.

There is no doubt that this platform will bring her even more big money. The net worth of this amazing star consists of an unbelievable $5 million. Everything is simple and transparent – Veronica said on the podcast that she got her luxury lifestyle thanks to her hard work on the private channel.

But it is also known that her lover Joy Fazio is involved in the project too. Joseph is an American business entrepreneur, marketer, and founder of Fozzie Media Group. He is an integral part of the real life of this beautiful YouTuber.

She also excels at modeling for various brands. For example, she was at Penthouse in November. She also often collaborates with various organizations, makes high-quality native ads and integrations for them, and takes some sponsors lots.

Veronica Perasso OnlyFans activity

Today Veronica Perasso OnlyFans account is like a full-time job for her. All day, she is responding to messages, posting content, and trying to do content for her Instagram account, TikTok profile, and other channels to reconnect her audience to the private channel.

But most importantly, she persistently makes high-quality content that can surprise even the most insatiable users of this platform. Here, you can find exclusive solo, fetish, G/G, and B/G videos.

In addition, she is one of these celebrities from whom you can purchase custom videos and requests. This also applies to purchasing different clothing items.

Is Veronica Perasso OnlyFans worth it?

Nowadays, the Veronica Perasso Only Fans account is one of the cheapest — you need to pay only $9.99 for the subscription. Moreover, Veronica also offers regular discounts up to 50%, which is a very advantageous proposition.

However, the content may not be suitable for everyone. If you are looking for posts and videos in a more subtle manner with beautiful and sincere shots without hardcore scenes, then this channel is definitely for you.

Veronica Perasso's photos

Veronica Perasso facts

  • VeronicaPerasso account is considered to be among the top 50 accounts due to one of her interests – music.
  • This TikToker doesn’t advertise much about her relationships and dating, especially on social media accounts. However, it is known that the famous influencer is in a relationship with Joy Fazio.
  • During her career, Veronica managed to participate in two music clips. The first one was “Joyner Lucas & Lil Baby – Ramen & OJ“, released on April 30, 2021. The second one is “Miky Woodz – No Hitter“, released on September 9, 2022.
  • This YouTuber loves to change her appearance. Previously, she had short hair. The blogger also got tattoos and inserted breast implants.
  • This amazing star is among the most famous influencers who bought themselves an impressive blue Rolls-Royce.
  • This celeb does not spread information about her family. However, her parents are believed to be of Latin origin.

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