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March 14, 1991
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Florida, United States of America
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32 years old
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Amber Hahn
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Amber Hahn (born 14 March 1991) is a webcam model and social media influencer who has built a name for herself in the adult business. She has a large number of social media fans as a result of her curvy and lovely body. The model has no Twitch account and has never featured on a podcast.

It’s obvious that many fans want to know as many details about the star’s life as possible. That’s why we wrote this essay to tell you about her path to success, how she became a celebrity, and how she makes money today.

The actress is working on her Amber Hahn OnlyFans website, creating content for her fans. She has received 268.3k positive feedback from subscribers, which means her content is valuable to people.

Discover the celebrity website and find out how she gathered so many fans with the help of sensitive content. Learn about her net worth, bio, facts, profile, and other information.

Amber Hahn’s biography

The star was born in Florida, United States of America. She fondly recalls her hometown, where she had many friends and wonderful memories. A lot of her fans try to reveal the point “Who is Amber Hahn?” before her artistic path. In childhood, the model delighted family and friends by dressing up and deflowering on the catwalk. After graduating from university in the United States, she continued to dream of modeling.

In 2011, at 18, she began working in the adult industry, which she used as a stepping stone to a modeling career. Then, she worked with well-known models and production firms such as New Sensations, Mile High, Evil Angel, Pink Visual, Brazzers, etc.

Amber Hahn said that she had worked with famous film celebs such as Purple Bitch and Alex Coal. She learned much about the erotic industry from the prominent stars she worked with. The actress says they are her inspirations, providing her with acting guidance while filming, and she still treasures their advice. The star is also grateful to the industry for giving her profits because it is still her bread and butter.

The actress prefers not to reveal details about her family and personal life. All that is known is that she is single and childless. Nevertheless, she is happy with her situation and, in the future, intends to invest her earnings in real estate and stocks.

Amber brought her fame to OnlyFans because she believed it would provide her with money and popularity. She also enjoys interacting with her subscribers, who serve as motivation to create premium content. The model is known to have collaborated with famous brands, including lingerie and other clothing lines. And during her career, she has appeared in 299 movies.

Amber Hahn's profile

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Graduate from the University of Florida, United States of America

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5’6” (170 cm)
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117 lbs (53 kg)
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6 (US)

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Amber Hahn OnlyFans career

The Amber Hahn OnlyFans has received 268.3 thousand positive responses from fans and is causing controversy online. When one of her videos went online, it sparked outrage. It doesn’t, however, stop the actress from making more appealing movies and photographs for her fans.

A colleague told Amber that she should sign up on the platform since it is profitable and will undoubtedly enjoy it. Initially, the blogger is unsure and has yet to make plans to register an account. Until one of her admirers asked her to create, and they wanted to support her.

Within a few months of the page’s launch, she had amassed a substantial following on the network and profited handsomely. It surprised her; she didn’t expect her supporters to converge behind her.

Now, the page represents 0.01% of all creators and rapidly increases revenue. The influencer feels thrilled that she can showcase her Dionysian personality on the platform and profit from every content she creates.

How much does Amber Hahn make on OnlyFans?

The actress said that she is satisfied with the offerings provided by the page. Amber Hahn OF account earns six figures per month. Like other creators, the YouTuber did not specify how much money she makes from the site. According to our source, she earns an estimated $70,000 monthly from a $9.99 monthly subscription and fan tips.

Performing in the erotic industry brings her approximately $1,000 per movie. She also profits from modeling endeavors by participating in fashion shows. Her videos and Facebook page also generate a monthly income of $1,500. Sponsored posts on social media and famous brand collaborations also bring money to the blogger.

It gives her a net worth of $1,000,000 by 2023. Since Amber acts as an opinion leader, many people want to collaborate with her. She can now afford the full celebrity life, with nice cars and trips to exotic countries. Impressive, but it’s an energy-consuming daily labor.

The actress said she plans to invest her money in real estate and equities. It will increase her riches, which will provide her with financial independence.

Amber Hahn OnlyFans activity

The Amber Hahn OnlyFans website is popular, accounting for 0.01% of all creators and being the most visited page on the platform. The TikToker’s website comprised 2118 posts and 12343 media items, including 11.7K photographs, 600 movies, and 30 streams, because she is always busy running it. The page received 268.3K positive responses.

Through channel subscriptions and donations, fans can access her exclusive content, write messages, and request personalized media files. In her media space, she shows off her sensual side and interacts with fans so they can get to know her better. In this case, it gets revenue opportunities, and its subscribers get attractive content.

Amber was inspired to create quality premium content by the positive feedback from her page subscribers. It requires extra time and effort, but the model is ready to spend her resources to satisfy the desires of her fans and attract the attention of new ones. So that subscribers are happy to follow the online life of the star on her private account.

Is Amber Hahn OnlyFans worth it?

According to fans, the Amber Hahn Only Fans enthusiasts page is worth the money because it provides numerous benefits. Followers can watch her exclusive content, which is only available on her page. They can message her and request tailored content. And the monthly subscription is inexpensive at $9.99 per month.

Interesting fact: the star provided a month 50% discount and limited membership bundles for her subscribers. These terms work both for new followers and longtime ones. She also promised that her fans would get a 25% discount for three months, a 35% discount for six months, and a 40% discount for a year.

If you’re just considering a subscription, check out their website and try a monthly subscription to see if it’s right for you.

Amber Hahn’s photos

Amber Hahn facts

  • The Amber Hahn OnlyFans website received 268.3 K positive responses from fans and 0.01% of all creators.
  • She has 89.8K followers on Twitter.
  • She appeared in 299 films.
  • The TikToker has collaborated with well-known film stars such as Purple Bitch and Alex Coal.
  • In 2011, at 18, the famous social media influencer began working in the film industry.
  • She has collaborated with recognized production companies such as New Sensations, Mile High, Evil Angel, Pink Visual, Brazzers, and others.
  • The streamer enjoys visiting unusual locations.
  • Her personal life and family are kept private.

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