Jem Wolfie

Jem Wolfie

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August 7, 1991
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Perth, Australia
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32 years old
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Jem Wolfie
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Jem Wolfie (born on 7 August 1991) is a model, chef, fitness instructor, and businesswoman who quickly gained popularity with her workout videos on the social media platform Instagram.

But she is best known for her private profile. Due to the high quality of the pictures that convey the atmosphere of her images, Wolfie’s account quickly climbed to the top one and continues to break records.

But to date, you can find only an old interview or podcast with this model cause she is one of those celebrities who carefully hides information about themselves now. However, we will help her audience get to know new info about Jem Wolfie OnlyFans and personal information with our article.

Learn about the incredible earnings on her account and the beginning of her career on this platform. Check out her in real life, and find out about her family and friends. Uncover amazing facts about the model and where she is now.

Jem Wolfie's biography

The future celeb was born on a hot Wednesday in Perth, Australia. Today, we will try to find the answer to “Who is Jem Wolfie? From early childhood, she used to play basketball in school days, which was one of her favorite interests. After graduation, the future model worked at Feral for 70 hours per week to fast-track her chef apprenticeship.

Later, this beauty quit and was hired at Taylor’s Cafe in the Swan Valley. There, Jem met Caroline Taylor, who showed her the way to start her own business selling raw, healthy vegan treats. The first posts of these products on Facebook by her vegetarian food organization, Good Eats, created a huge commercial success in 2014.

Jem Wolfie shared that she suffered a knee injury in 2015 and had to quit basketball to go to the gym all the time for rehab. After taking selfies on MySpace, she started posting motivational video posts of her workouts on Instagram, which caused a buzz around her persona.

In 2018, she stopped the work of her organization and began to actively develop her career on the new Patreon analog, where she quickly gained fame and success. Yet she hasn’t stopped selling her healthy food recipes in order to increase her earnings and even made a YouTube channel.

Today, she is not very active on social media accounts on such platforms as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter due to the scandal with the deletion of her last Instagram account. She tries to avoid any social media contact, but sometimes she goes to TikTok to reply to her viewers in the comment section.

Jem Wolfie's profile

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Perth, Australia
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Jem got an education at Helena College in the Perth Hills

Height, weight & physical appearance

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170 cm (5' 7")
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58 kg (128 lbs)
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12 (US)

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Jem Wolfie OnlyFans career

The first time she had the idea for a Jem Wolfie OnlyFans page was in August 2018. Wolfie was surfing the Internet until she came across the news about the opening of a new platform that allows content creators to charge followers a monthly subscription fee.

The blogger quickly jumped into a new website and started creating content. At first, her videos and photos of her body did not differ much from those that the star posted on Instagram.

And yet her mysteriousness helped her to receive unrealistic money. The social media personality revealed that she could earn up to $30,000 daily on a private account.

According to the founder and CEO of the platform, Tim Stokely, this TikToker was the platform’s biggest star within weeks of signing up due to the number of views on her profile. And today, her page does not stop bringing this celeb a lot of money and fame.

How much does Jem Wolfie make on OnlyFans?

The celeb shared that she was earning up to $30,000 per day on Jem Wolfie OF in 2020. The model has earned over $2,000,000 after a year since joining the site, while the subscription to her page was $15.

In the first months, she received more than 10 thousand loyal fans. Now, the number of subscribers has increased significantly, and she has reduced the cost of a subscription, which only positively affected her earnings.

Nowadays, one of the most famous influencers earns more than $300,000 per month after taxes and OnlyFans cuts. This is not taking into account the special requests that the girl receives every day.

In this regard, she does not need to be active on social networks for sponsors lots. Therefore, her private channel is the only way for the YouTuber to earn big money, which is quite enough to maintain her luxurious lifestyle.

Jem Wolfie OnlyFans activity

Since starting on the Jem Wolfie OnlyFans page, the famous influencer has changed his approach to posting content. To date, you can find more depraved material that she hasn’t posted before.

Jemima tries to publish updates regularly, which is why each video and post is expected daily. She briefly comments on her images, focusing on the main, in her opinion, details.

She also continues to interact quickly with her subscribers exclusively through a private channel. It is enough to make a tip to draw her attention to you.

Is Jem Wolfie OnlyFans worth it?

You get more than 510 posts and 350 media of quality content for only $9.99. On Jem Wolfie Only Fans account can also be found regular discounts, which is quite beneficial given the exclusivity of her posts.

Since this is the only channel where she earns, the model gives her best to please her subscribers. However, don’t expect to get too naughty content. Wolfie really holds the bar on high quality, but it is revealed in the entourage, sincerity, and naturalness of the content that she makes without retouching.

Jem Wolfie's photos

Jem Wolfie facts

  • The girl still lives in her hometown, as you can see on Jem Wolfie OnlyFans account. As the celebrity once said: “I’m not going to leave Perth, I don’t see myself anywhere else.”.
  • Jem is also known as a writer. Among her works, you can find “Meal prep like a boss,” “Guide to an hourglass figure,” and “Grow your gram.”
  • The TikToker donated money to a US wolf refugee charity, which she received from selling her eBooks on food and social media strategy.
  • The Instagram star has worked with various wellness brands during her career, like Happy Way and Bang Energy.
  • She is a vivid pet lover and has two dogs, Mac and Denny.
  • Jem hides information about your family and best friend. But on her Facebook, you can find her photo with two brothers. It is also known that her mother is also a fitness enthusiast.
  • This beauty is now single. There is no info about her possible boyfriend or dating story.

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